Galvanic isolation for the serial interface

USB Serial Optical Converter

  • Optical data transmission
  • Glass fiber or POF
  • Optimal galvanic isolation
  • USB bus-powered
  • Virtual COM Port
  • Baud rate up to 115kBit/s
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The adaptor allows the connection of devices with optical serial interfaces using optical fiber with a PC/laptop through USB. The adaptor appears as virtual COM port in the device manager. Standard baud rate up to 115kbps cab be used.


The signals DTR, CTS, DSR and DCD are not supported. Otherwise the interface can be used without any restrictions. The optical interface uses fiber optic transmitter/receiver modules (wavelength 650nm). Therefore the data transfer is dobe potential-free via optical fiber (1mm POF / 200µm HCS) with simplex or duplex connector.

Part number: #980101
Price: 134,- EUR plus VAT & shipping



  • USB 1.1/2.0
  • Bus-powered (<100mA)
  • Baud rate up to 115kbps
  • xon/xoff
  • Wavelength 650nm
  • Connections:
    1x USB-socket Type B
    2x Optical fiber sockets (RX & TX), for VLink Simplex or Duplex connector.
  • Dim. 46x35x19 mm³


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