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    In order to communicate with the line scan camera, the user must have root privileges. Alternatively, a new “* .rules” file can be created and saved in the /lib/udev/rules.d/ directory.


    dSUBSYSTEM !="usb_device", ACTION !="add", GOTO="usblc_rules_end"
    SYSFS{idVendor} =="19d1"
    MODE="0666", OWNER="USER_NAME", GROUP="root"


    The file can be downloaded on this page down under the download section.

    Yes. The USB Line Camera uses WinUSB. WinUSB is a generic USB driver from Microsoft. The device driver is already included in Microsoft’s operating systems.

    Yes. The adapter uses the standard HID driver. The driver is included in the operating system from Windows 98SE. The adapter should also be compatible with all future versions of Windows.


    udev rule to be able to communicate with USB devices on Linux.


    Please replace the user name first (OWNER = "USER_NAME") and save the file in the /lib/udev/rules.d/ directory.